To Do List

(slight disclaimer–I’m on a deadline for edits as well as a deadline for a manuscript, so I might be a little scarce for the next week or so)

This week’s to do list is short, for some reason. I think I got a lot more accomplished last week than I’d first thought. Here’s what I have planned for the week:

1. Take the mini-diva’s costumes to be hemmed before the dance competition in May.
2. Edits for Whose Afterlife
3. Damage Control (due on Saturday so I really need to get moving as you can see from the word count on the sidebar 😆 )
4. Cover art request/blurb for Sleepless
5. Website updates
6. Go to the post office

Cleaning my desk would have been on the list too, but I did it on Saturday morning. Now it’s all cleared off, dust-free, and organized. We’ll see how long this actually lasts. 😀

What’s on your list this week?

Also, stop by and congratulate Elisabeth if you get a chance. She finaled in the Golden Heart! Congrats to all the other RITA and GH finalists, too!

And before I forget to mention it…again…there are still a few days left in my Name That Book contest.

~ by elisaadams on March 26, 2007.

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