What I have to be thankful for this year…

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Is that we’re in the process of moving, so no one was sitting on the couch watching TV last night when a truck slammed into the house, taking out the window and part of the wall the couch used to be up against.




Illusions and N.O.R. awards

•September 17, 2007 • 1 Comment

I got some very cool news yesterday–So I Married A Vampire has been nominated for a fall 2007 Night Owl Romance N.O.R. award. 🙂 To vote for SIMAV and all the other great books that have been nominated, click here. Readers can vote once a day until October 31st.

Illusions has been released from Total-E-Bound. Visit this page to read an excerpt or to purchase the book. Here’s a blurb about the story:

A work related errand turns into so much more when Alexis Moran meets up with her childhood friend Jeremy and things get out of control. She’s always had a secret crush on the man, but had never worked up the nerve to tell him the truth. Now she’s finally gotten the courage to take the first step…but things aren’t what they seem.

Jeremy Talbot has a secret of his own, one he can’t tell anyone except his family. He’s an energy vampire who feeds off the energy and emotions of humans. He keeps to himself most of the time, trying to avoid human contact unless necessary, but then Alexis walks back into his life.

At first, he tries to frighten her away, but then he realises he’d rather keep her close. He’s been in love with her all his life, and he can no longer hide what he feels, even if he has to hide what he is.


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Sorry I’ve been absent lately. I started a part time job and have been in training. I haven’t worked outside the house in almost eleven years, and I’d forgotten how tiring it is to be on one’s feet all day. 😆 Tomorrow, I’ll be going out to buy a pair or two of very good shoes. Any suggestions on comfortable brands?

Two new releases today!

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I wanted to post this earlier, but the day (actually, the past week) hasn’t exactly cooperated with me. 😀 In the next couple of days, I’ll be updating my website with the new releases, as well as posting some excerpts and a few other fun things here. My newsletter will also be going out by the end of next week, with some more excerpts and info on the new releases. But for now, here’s a little bit about them:

damagecontrol72sm.jpgDamage Control

available from Samhain Publishing

Can their friendship survive the best sex of their lives?

Andrea’s got her life all mapped out. She’s set on making partner before she’s thirty. Love, marriage, children-they’ll just have to wait. But a girl can only go so long with just a vibrator.

One night of no-strings sex with her co-worker and best friend, Brian, can’t hurt-can it?

As far as Brian’s concerned, Andrea has always been one of the guys. Intelligent, hard working, reliable-but not sexy. Then, one wine-fueled night, she turns into a temptress. And he realizes what he’s been missing all this time.

Their company has a strict no-dating policy, and Andrea’s not going to risk her career for anything. Not even for her best friend. Not even for the toe-curling sex.

Trouble is, she’s starting to fall for him.


ea_whoseafterlifeisthisanyway_coverfr.jpgWhose Afterlife Is This, Anyway?

available from Loose Id

When her sister’s soon-to-be ex-husband turns up missing, librarian (and wannabe P.I.) Carrie Holiday is on the case. Then she uncovers her brother-in-law’s business dealings with Luke, her sexy-in-a-creepy-way neighbor. Hoping to get a little closer to Mr.Hot-n-Spooky, Carrie recruits him to help solve the mystery behind the disappearance. Maybe she’s finally found a way to get the guy to notice she’s alive.

What Carrie doesn’t realize is that Luke isn’t. Alive, that is. The two-hundred-year-old vampire has been content lusting after Carrie from afar, but now that she’s working with him night after night, he can’t keep his hands to himself. Luke figures he has it made—as long as Carrie doesn’t find out the truth about him.

It’s too bad about those bags of blood in his refrigerator…

Thursday Thirteen #10

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Thirteen DVDs I’ve watched recently

1. Stir of Echoes
2. Point Pleasant complete series
3. Quinceañera
4. Family Man
5. Premonition
6. Come Early Morning
7. Hollywood Homicide
8. Wicker Park
9. Bully
10. Running with Scissors
11. Sherrybaby
12. The Fountain
13. Blood and Chocolate

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Still Sweating

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70 Days of Sweat update:

I’m only up to 13,500 words now, combined on a few different projects. I slacked off toward the end of the weekend–or really, a little before that–and never really managed to catch up. 😆 The kids were in Maine with my parents and grandparents from Sunday morning until yesterday afternoon, and for some reason, I have a hard time working when they’re not here. Yeah, I know, makes no sense, right? 😀 That should be prime writing time for me.

How’s everyone else doing in the challenge so far? Making a lot of progress?

Today’s Post

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Is at Romance Worth Killing For. I’m talking about favorite writing tips today, and the best and worst writing advice you’ve ever received. If you have a favorite tip, come on over and share. 🙂